A1 - Electron Scattering

The physical program of the A1 collaboration with its 50 members from 20 countries is focused on hadron structure.

A2 - Real Photons

A photon incident on a nucleon couples to the nucleon electromagnetic current causing it to radiate mesons if the photon energy is sufficiently high.

A4 - Parity Violation

The atomic nucleus is a bound state of protons and neutrons (so called nucleons). The A4 collaboration is investigating the structure of these nucleons.

X1 - X-Ray Radiation

The X1 collaboration develops at MAMI brilliant novel radiation sources, and explores their potential for applications.

MAGIX - Spectrometers for MESA

The MAGIX experiment is a versatile fixed target experiment, designed to perform a rich physics program including high luminosity searches for rare events and precision measurement of nuclear observables in the range between a few MeV and about 100 MeV, exploiting the intense electron beam of the MESA accelerator. The relatively low beam energy limits the energy of the scattered particle and the whole system must be optimized to limit the interaction of the secondary particle before their detection.  ... 

P2 - Parity violation at MESA

The P2 collaboration at the new electron accelerator MESA aims for precise measurements of the parity-violating asymmetry in the scattering of polarized electrons off unpolarized nuclei. Date taken with a high-power liquid hydrogen target will allow for a precise determination of the weak mixing angle, one of the fundamental paramters of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics. Another planned measurement concerns the neutron skin of lead, which is directly connected to the structure of neutron stars.  ... 

External Experiments
  • COMPASS (NA58): Fixed target experiment at CERN
  • PANDA: antiProton ANnihilation at DArmstadt
  • BABAR at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
  • BESIII Beijing Spectrometer
  • Mu3e: rare muon decays at PSI